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This website is provided for your service. We endeavour to make your internet shopping experience simple and straightforward. To ensure that we keep everything running smoothly we reserve the right to withdraw the site at any time without notice, for maintenance work.


This site is frequently updated as products come online and go offline according to stock availability. Policies are also regularly updated in accordance with legal requirements and or for clarity. It is your responsibility to check these regularly.


Customers are welcome to shop online without registering an account, however any malicious activity will not be tolerated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Customers are invited to register an account with The Crafti Bug in accordance with our Privacy Policy, however any breaches of that policy may lead to the suspension of the account.



All stock listed by The Crafti Bug is In Stock, so your order can be dispatched as soon as confirmation has been received, or collection arrangements have been agreed upon (see below - Order Confirmation, Pay on Collection).   

While stock may be listed as In Stock we may not be able to guarantee that there is sufficient stock for your order. The result of an order that exceeds supply is that you may not be able to process your shopping cart. If you face this situation, please contact us on customer.services@thecraftibug.co.nz and we will work with you to provide a solution. Often if stock is not on hand it may be able to be obtained within the week, provided our suppliers have sufficient stock, which is normally not an issue.

Some stock we have listed is end-of-line stock and is listed as such. Because it is end-of-line stock we are unable to re-order stock.

Items may be displayed as out-of-stock. This is a temporary display until the listing is taken off-line. When stock levels are replenished the item will be restored online.

Listing Accuracy

The Crafti Bug holds stock purchased from reputable suppliers. While we try to ensure that the information listed on this site is accurate, manufacturers reserve the right to vary product content, with respect but not limited to colour and packaging without notification. Some product variation may occur. 

Where we are aware of product variation, a note will be posted with the listing to this effect.

Some product variation may occur, which The Crafti Bug is not aware of and has no control over. Such variation is beyond the control of The Crafti Bug and The Crafti Bug has worked in good faith to try to represent the product as accurately as possible and accepts no responsibility for the manufacturers reserved right to make changes to their product. 

Expected Variation

Our data has shown that there is an expected variation in pack size and weight. In order to avoid unexpected costs, we have chosen to report the largest dimensions, and weights.

Our experience has revealed that some components, tansfers, stickers, and or paints,  of products or kits may vary in colour from those illustrated or documented. These colour variations where they have been noted on the packaging are noted with the listing.


All prices show GST inclusive and GST exclusive prices.

Where options exist and incur an additional charge these charges are shown as GST inclusive.

Specials show the marked down price, inclusive of GST and the previous price crossed through also inclusive of GST. Viewing the product directly shows the GST exclusive price.

Specials are valid only why stocks last, or until the period advertised expires, whichever comes first. Rainchecks are not offered.

Additional services, such as freight incur additional expenses. Prices quoted all include GST.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Purchasing Online

Adding Items to Your Shopping Cart

Purchasing on-line can be daunting if you have not done this sort of thing before. The following information is both policy and instruction.

When you click on the button ADD TO CART, the quantity of the items that you have selected will be added to your Shopping Cart (a little like putting things in a supermarket trolley). This number can be changed in the Shopping Cart, but must be updated prior to heading to the checkout.

To update your Shopping cart, click on your shopping cart, change the quantities, or remove items and click on the blue UPDATE box in the bottom left hand corner.

You will not be charged for anything until you have clicked on CONFIRM in the CHECKOUT process.

Shopping Cart

Please check the items in your cart. If you have logged in and had items in your cart, but you did not go through the checkout last session, these may still be in your cart, so please check this carefully.

Estimate Shipping & Taxes

This allows you to calculate your shipping costs and choose the most cost effective solution.



From time to time The Crafti Bug may issue coupon codes, for redemption at The Crafti Bug webstore. Please enter the coupon code where prompted  to receive the benefits available on the coupon.

A variety of coupons may be issued and the variety of discounts available with these differ. Please check with the source of the coupon code for any conditions that have been noted.

Periodically The Crafti Bug will permit the issuing of coupons through other media. Coupons are issued with an expiry date, after which time the coupon code is withdrawn. Please check with issuer of the code for coupon conditions.

Coupons are tracked so only valid coupons will be accepted.

Coupons may entitle users to a percentage discount, or a sum off the total cost of the order.

Coupons may be specific to a single category or product, or coupons may be generic.

Coupons may include freight free. 

If you are unsure of what the coupon code relates to, please check with us.


The Crafti Bug also offers gift vouchers. These differ from Coupon Codes in that the purchaser of the voucher is able to specify a dollar value  (between $1.00 and $1000) for which the voucher may be redeemed. A code is then issued to the recipient with the dollar value on it. This code can then be redeemed at The Crafti Bug in the Shopping Cart If the voucher is not redeemed in one transaction, the balance can be redeemed on subsequent transactions.

Vouchers are redeemable on all product lines but are not transferrable for cash.

Vouchers are non-refundable.

Check Out

When you reach the CheckOut if you have not registered you will be taken through a series of steps from Step1.

Step 1. Three options are available:

  • Register an account - Create an account (Recommended for regular customers)
  • Guest Checkout - Continue to process the order but do not create a customer account  (Recommended for one-off or first time customers wishing to establish trust with The Crafti  Bug)
  • Returning Customer - If you forgot to log in at the start, you can log in now. This accesses  your stored addresses, making it easier to process your order.

Step 2 - Enter / check your billing address. It is important to check this information as PayPal relies upon the accuracy of this for the processing of Credit Card details.

Step 3 - Enter / check your delivery address. It is important that this address is a physical address and does not include a PO box or Private Bag address.

Step 4 - Select you delivery method if an option is available. Because of where you live or the goods you have ordered only one option may be available. If you need to make a comment here, you may do so in the text box provided (e.g. Please post without invoice this is a birthday gift).

Step 5 - Select your payment method. If you are working on an invoice and receipt system you can enter your invoice number or purchase order number here.

  • Paying by Credit Card - Select PayPal (VISA, Mastercard and American Express)
  • Paying from a PayPal account - Select PayPal
  • Paying by Direct Credit - Select Direct Credit (be sure to copy the instructions).
  • Paying on collection - Select Pay on Delivery

Step 6 - Confirm your order.

Click on the CONFIRM button to submit your order, this will send us notification of your order. No payment has been made yet.


Paying by Credit Card

If you chose to pay by credit card and selected PayPal in the Checkout you will be taken to the PayPal portal. PayPal accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

To use our PayPal portal you do not have to have a PayPal account. Select the Credit Card  option and follow the on-screen prompts

Our PayPal portal is SSL protected ensuring that your personal information and credit card  details are protected.

Upon completion of the transaction PayPal will notify both The Crafti Bug and you of the  confirmation of the order via e-mail.

Paying by PayPal

If you chose to pay from your PayPal account, logon to the PayPal portal as prompted and  proceed as prompted.

Upon completion of the transaction PayPal will notify both The Crafti Bug and you of the  confirmation of the order via e-mail.

Paying by Direct Credit

If you chose to pay by Direct Credit, you will need to manually transfer the check-out Total to  The Crafti Bug account as previously notified.

Even though your order may be listed as PENDING, your order will be processed and  prepared for shipping.

Once payment has been cleared, you will receive confirmation and the goods will be  dispatched.

Paying on Collection

If you are within the Darfield area and wish to collect your order, we do permit payment upon  collection.

If you wish to use this option please have the correct cash as we do not carry  change.


The Crafti Bug operates on a cash and payments basis. We do not provide credit. 
Our system automatically generates an invoice when an order is submitted, this is used to generate a picking and packing slip, included with the order.
Invoice receipts are e-mailed to the purchaser at the confirmation of payment.
Invoices are itemised and include the amounts paid. 


All payments received by The Crafti Bug will be issued an itemised GST Invoice/ Tax receipt upon confirmation of the order.

Receipts are enclosed with the order unless the delivery address is different from the billing address, in which case GST receipts are mailed to the billing address.