RenArt - Blasta Hand Puppets - Blendy Pens

RenArt - Blasta Hand Puppets - Blendy Pens

RenArt Blendy Pen - Blasta Hand Puppets - Why just colour the puppets in the kit conventionally when you could air-bush them? Now with Blasta Hand Puppets you can colour your own finger puppets with some really novel colour shemes and some amazing colour transitions. Try it and see how easy it is ... But then why stop there, colour up the puppets and put on a show for everyone.

Kit Contains:

  • 6 Blendy pens
  • 3 Fusion chambers
  • 1 Blasta
  • 2 Hand puppets
  • Detailed instructions

Recommended for ages 4 years & up.

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