Peek Seek and Find - Girl

Peek Seek and Find - Girl
Peek, Seek and Find Girls the go anywhere activity for girls in a simple polyester pellet filled pillow, simple enough for children as young as two years of age, yet stimulating enough that older children find themselves wanting to discover what is inside. The pillow contains a loop for ease of attaching to things such as your buggy, or car seat, or even a school bag, but it also contains a list of the 26 things to find through the clear vinyl window. If children can't read they can match the pictures on the list, however if children can read they can practice saying the words improving their literacy skills. These bags will have not just children peeking, but even adults will find themselves seeking out the hidden objects. Don't worry if something gets spilled over it, just wipe it clean!

Pack Contains:

  • 1 Peek, Seek and Find Pillow of Girls
  • 1 Peek, Seek and Find find-it card (for girls)
Recommended for ages 2 years & up.

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