Schimil - Raid the Pantry

Schimil - Raid the Pantry

Raid The Pantry (2013 Game of the Year) is the award winning cooking game played with cards where making dishes from around the world out of the ingredients that you have in your hand, or those you've stowed in your pantry, creates no mess at all. Your opponents won't make this easy. They are also trying to collect the ingredients and possibly the ones that you are holding. Sometimes desperate times lead to desperate measures and you may find yourself doing the skip bin dive to find an ingredient to finish a dish and score your points. Fortunately this game is played with cards and the Masterchef judges will not be tasting these dishes, but you will learn useful cooking tips along the way. And just in case you're tired of the way you had been playing the game, try the two-on-two version. Great fun for the whole family. Easy to learn and especially good for when you have a crowd about.

Game Contains:

  • 20 Dish cards
  • 32 Action cards
  • 64 Ingredient cards
  • 4 Ingredient distribution reference cards
  • Instructions/Rules

Recommended for ages 8 years & up.

Playing time: 20 to 45 minutes

Number of players: 2 to 4

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