Villa Carton - Queen Costume

Villa Carton - Queen Costume

Make way, make way for her Royal Highness Queen...ah Queen.. (Please excuse me your majesty, what is your name?) Please make way for her Royal Highness Queen Madeline.

In the sidelines the journalists are heard saying, "Well, I'd say that crier's job is on the line. You don't do that to the queen. Who designed that gown? That is one gown that will not be forgotten. Look at the colour. This is a dazzler. Our royal Highness has really stepped out to impress."

A few minutes later... "Madeline, can you take off your Villa Carton costume please, we're going to have tea in about 10 minutes."

Queen Madeline turns to the journalist, "Dad, mummy has called us for tea."

Maybe your precious little bundle would like some royal treatment too from time to time.

Pack Contains:

  • 1 Cotton Crown
  • 1 Queen Outfit (approximately 75cm in length, drop from shoulders)

Note: Markers sold separately.

Recommended for ages 3 to 8 years.

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