Beach Stamps - Variety Group 15

Beach Stamps - Variety Group 15

Beach Stamp - Variety Pack is a pack of large colourful prints providing a fun way to make patterns in sand, at the beach, in the sand pit, in Kinetic Sand, or in moulding clay. If you really want to try something very different (only while the stamps are clean), press them into bread before toasting it, or into sandwiches to make patterns on your food, making food a little more interesting. These stamps can be used by hand or strapped to your feet so that as you walk along the beach you create pictures as you go!

Pack Contains:

  • 15 Beach stamps
  • Elastic bands
  • 1 Beach stylus

Note: Stamps to be used in food should be thoroughly cleaned first and should only be used by an adult. It is strongly recommended that stamps used for food be kept separate from stamps used for play.

Recommended for ages 3 years & up.

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