Klutz - Twirly Q's

Klutz - Twirly Q's

Twirly Q's, the new twist in craft; comes with all the materials necessary to create 7 different adorable creatures, featured in the colourfully illustrated book of instructions. Make a penguin or an octopus, or what about an alien? Twirly Q's brings rolled corrugated card up to a new level in craft, making cardboard creations that are truly 3-dimensional. Add even more excitement by assembling the pieces you have formed together, or add on eyes and other distinctive paper curls using the specially formulated tacky glue, and you have a distinctively charming Twirly Q!

Pack Contains:

  • Twirly Q paper
  • Glue
  • Embellishments
  • Instructions

Recommended for ages 10 years & up

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