5 Star - NZAcryl Acrylic Paint - 5 Star Acrylic Paint Pack (5x25ml with brush)

5 Star - NZAcryl Acrylic Paint - 5 Star Acrylic Paint Pack (5x25ml with brush)

All paint is not equal. Acrylic paint gives a more permanent finish to your creations, whether it be paper, or canvas, or even wood and plaster surfaces. But what makes this product so wonderful is that it is non-toxic and is safe for children to use, even as young as 3 years old. So when your young one comes home carrying a treasure made from two blocks of wood and a nail and wants to paint it, you can rest assured that this product is not only environmentally friendly, but also safe for your little ones to use. With 5 bold colours to choose from and a high level of opacity, these acrylic paints are ideal for junior art of all kinds. 

Pack Contains:

  • 25 ml Red paint
  • 25 ml Yellow paint
  • 25 ml Blue paint
  • 25 ml White paint
  • 25 ml Black paint
  • 1 Paint brush

Recommended for ages 3 years & up.

NOTE: Expired stock

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