5 Star - Tempera Poster Paint Standard Pack (Red, Yellow, Blue 3x60ml)

5 Star - Tempera Poster Paint Standard Pack (Red, Yellow, Blue 3x60ml)

Painting at school was fun if you could paint, otherwise it was just sloshing colours around... and that was fun too. The biggest problem was that not everyone had tempera paint at home to paint with, often it was only the little paint kits that had he dried paint tablets and you could never get enough paint, or mixing colours only led to dirty paints. With New Zealand made Star Tempera Paint Packs you get 60 ml of paint in three bold colours (red, blue and yellow), all the colours needed to make every other colour! Having so much paint, you can take the time to learn about the different colours of the rainbow and learn how to make them up as well as having fun painting all sorts of things

Pack Contains:

  • 60 ml Red tempera paint
  • 60 ml Yellow tempera paint
  • 60 ml Blue tempera paint

Recommended for ages 3 years & up.

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