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4M Animation Praxinoscope - Kidz Labs

4M Animation Praxinoscope - the art of moving pictures! Create your own moving pictures in minutes w..

NZ$18.00 Ex Tax: NZ$15.65

4M Brick'N Build Medieval Castle

4M Brick'N Build Medieval Castle - Every man's home is his castle, so the saying goes. So what about..

NZ$30.00 Ex Tax: NZ$26.09

4M Brush Robot - Fun Mechanics

This easy to assemble Brush Robot is exciting, but playing with it is only half the fun. The team at..

NZ$23.50 Ex Tax: NZ$20.43

4M Green Creativity - Plastic Bag Monster

Do you have a problem with unwanted plastic supermarket bags? Here's an opportunity to take all your..

NZ$13.50 Ex Tax: NZ$11.74

4M Hover Jet - Kidz Labs

Hovercrafts are the best amphibious machines that have been made. With ease they seem to glide acros..

NZ$5.50 Ex Tax: NZ$4.78

4M Paint Your Own Wooden Chest

"Ahhh, the treasured map.I've sailed the seven seas just to find this map.... Hmmm.... Aha! 'X' mark..

NZ$16.00 Ex Tax: NZ$13.91

4M Robot Duck - Fun Mechanics

This quirky duck is a simple lesson in the mechanics of walking. Learn about the need to counter bal..

NZ$18.50 Ex Tax: NZ$16.09