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Addict-A-Ball - Small

Addict-A-Ball is a novel ball bearing maze, within a ball, that you just won't want to put down. As ..

NZ$13.50 Ex Tax: NZ$11.74

Animals of the World 48 Piece Puzzle

Animals of the World is a bright and colourful 48 piece jigsaw puzzle of animals of the world, all o..

NZ$17.50 Ex Tax: NZ$15.22


Anti-Virus from SmartGames is a multi-level logic puzzle with a twist. Tiles only move diagonally an..

NZ$29.50 Ex Tax: NZ$25.65

Bug Life 48 Piece Puzzle

Bug Life full of brilliantly coloured friendly insects and garden creatures is a thick robust jigsaw..

NZ$17.50 Ex Tax: NZ$15.22

Peek Seek and Find - Girl

Peek, Seek and Find Girls the go anywhere activity for girls in a simple polyester pellet filled ..

NZ$25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$21.74

Road Block

Road Block - Get the Gangster is the popular logic game where you take on the role of the police com..

NZ$29.50 Ex Tax: NZ$25.65

Smart car

Smart Car is a quality wooden car with a special difference. But this is not just an ordinary woo..

NZ$35.90 Ex Tax: NZ$31.22

Troy Extra Muros

Troy Extra Muros from SmartGames is a logic puzzle that will have you sitting on the fence. Two camp..

NZ$29.50 Ex Tax: NZ$25.65


Vikings Brainstorm is a new game from Smart Games designed to challenge your thinking. With 4 challe..

NZ$29.50 Ex Tax: NZ$25.65

Choc-a-Block Puzzle

Chocabloc is the fake “chocolate block” that lets you know if someone has been nibbling on your “cho..

NZ$12.00 Ex Tax: NZ$10.43

Find It - Glitz and Glamour

Find It - Glitz and Glamour the hidden object game for sophisticated girls. Hunt for hidden objects ..

NZ$30.00 Ex Tax: NZ$26.09

Gigamic - Cubulus

Gigamic - Cubulus the game in a cube! Can you be the first to form a square? How hard can it be? Aft..

NZ$28.60 Ex Tax: NZ$24.87

Number Mate - Tiles

Number Mate.If you have ever played Mahjong or Rummikub, you'll enjoy this maths game that will have..

NZ$40.00 Ex Tax: NZ$34.78

Off The Beaten Track

Off The Beaten Track is the expansion pack for the popular Amazing Moa Hunt game. Off The Beaten Tra..

NZ$27.00 Ex Tax: NZ$23.48

Schimil - Raid the Pantry

Raid The Pantry (2013 Game of the Year) is the award winning cooking game played with cards where ma..

NZ$24.50 Ex Tax: NZ$21.30