Colouring In Pages

Colouring In Pages

These black-lines masters are designed for children of different ages. Though colouring in does not teach drawing, it does teach children some fine motor skills, in keeping the colours within the lines. Black-line masters are also useful as children get older, learning that the weight used on a pencil can change the shading, bringing more depth to the picture. You can also colour them crayon and then iron the picture onto a white T-shirt or pillow case. Let your imagination run free and don't be constrained just because there are pre-drawn lines!

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Horse Colouring inPDF

The energy and free spiritedness of the horse galloping in the paddock shown by the wind in the main..

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Lamb Colouring inPDF

Lambs are inquisitive and playful. This lamb is hiding in the daffodils, one of the earliest flowers..

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Sports Car Colouring inPDF

Designed for the older child, with an interest in cars. This sports car has a reasonable amount of d..

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Tractor Colouring in PDF

Dotted over the rural landscape, tractors are the machines that are used by farms to plow the soil, ..

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EdToy Transformobile Formula One Car has lined up! The race is about to start. Three....Two.... One...
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Out of the ZOOB space comes ZAC the Zoob alien creature measuring 60 cm tall with blinking, flashing..
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Tegu - Pocket Prism - Tints is the unique clash of brightly coloured non-toxic water based stains on..
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Tickly Octopus felt appliqués are simple to apply. Simply remove the backing tape and iron on. ..
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